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Welcome to our web - Dott. Daniele Tortorici

SPORT-PHYSIO is a doctor who specializes in massage, physiotherapy, preventive treatments and pain management. Its team of specialists offers a high-level training in dealing with all types of injuries, from sports to those caused by accidents or incorrect postures and movements, intervening successfully through art equipment and the most modern methods.

We operate by following a careful medical protocol and taking particular care in the diagnostic phase, which allows us to identify the best treatment for each particular situation and needs.

Massage hot and cold, use of electricity, vibration and radiation, and more in our rooms are fully equipped to resolve pain and stress caused by any type of physical trauma.
Each service is carefully calibrated to the patient's medical record, ensuring a personalized care both at headquarters and at home.

We solve hundreds of cases each year allowing our patients a total recovery of improved physical fitness through a constantly updated selection of the best methods of physiotherapy.

Contact us via email DANIELE.TORTORICI @ YAHOO.IT, by phone 339.7878747 or visit directly our study 00141 Rome, Via Ugo Ojetti Nr.380 to learn about the treatments available to you.


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