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Who is Dr. Tortorici

Who is Dr. Tortorici - Dott. Daniele Tortorici

Dr. Daniel Tortorici has succeeded thanks to the guidance of doctors of high prestige in orthopedic sports like Dr. Gianpiero Cutolo, to organize a highly qualified center staff with up to date, which makes use of technologically advanced machinery and equipment and cutting-edge this sector. The implementation of customized programs targeted to the pursuit of health and the care of people belonging to all ages, making the center one of the most advanced in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation applied to sport.

Currently Physiotherapist National Shooting, has carried out its activities gaining more experience in the field of sports teams in Soccer, Women's Volleyball Team of A2 as well as in Television and Theatre studies this has led to a varied preparation in the field.

The patient also has the option of initiating therapy immediately and avoid expectations, sometimes long, which might make it slower resolution of the problem.

Our therapists are able to guarantee a service of quality in the field of Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Neurological and in all diseases resulting from trauma not only sports.

The treatments are designed to enable patients to return to their improved well-being and function as quickly and safely, because our primary goal is to meet their needs.

But do not cure the physical harm to the patient who has physical and that makes a difference.